Beef Cuts Information and Guide


Boneless Chuck Roast – Blade Steak – Blade Pot Roast
Chuck or front shoulder that is typically ground into hamburger. If you like pot roasts for slow cooking, a chuck roast can be very flavorful.


Prime Rib – Back Ribs – Rib Steak – Rib Eye Steak – Rib Eye Roast – Standing Rib Roast
The rib area yields an excellent quality meat with good marbling. You can have the rib cut into rib steaks or into rib roasts. All rib cuts will have the bone in.


Filet Mignon – Chateaubriand – Top Loin – T-Bone – Strip – Club – Porterhouse
The loin consists of the short loin and tenderloin. These are thought of as the best cuts on the beef. From the loin you can get T-bone steaks and Porterhouse (bone in), or 
NY strips and Tenderloin (boneless). It is not possible to request tenderloin along with T-bones and Porterhouse.


Top Sirloin Steak – Sirloin Steak – Pin Bone Sirloin Steak – Beef Tri-Tip
Sirloin is a very flavorful part of the beef and the top sirloin is usually the most tender. Some people like to have some or all of the Sirloin ground into hamburger because it adds great flavor to the meat.


Round Steak – Rolled Rump Roast – Eye Of The Round Roast – Standing Rump Roast – Top Round (Steak or Roast) – Bottom Round (Steak or Roast)
The Eye of the Round Roast is lean and flavorful and typically left as one large, whole roast. Top Round Steak or Roast can be cut into roasts, London Broil, or steaks. Bottom Round Steak or Roast can be cut into roast for slow cooking pot roasts or ground into hamburger. Families who use a lot of hamburger will have all of the round ground saving the Eye of the Round Roast for a special occasion.


Flank Steak – Ground Beef – Stew Meat – Flank Steak Rolls


Whole Brisket – Brisket – Point Half – Flat Half – Corned Beef


Stew Meat – Ground Beef – Skirt Steak – Short Ribs


Cross Cut


Bones & Organs

Hopefully this provides you with more definition of the beef cuts in our packages. Please visit our FAQs page if you have any additional questions or feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page.