February 22, 2018

Ranch Dinner

Richards Grassfed Beef had a blast last year teaming up with Taylors Market out of Sacramento for our first Farm Dinner at the Richards Ranch. It was SO MUCH FUN we are going to do it again, June 2, 2018!

The evening kicks off with the unconventional, terroir driven wines of Frenchtown Farms.  Next Butchers of America team members Danny Johnson & Paul Carras will break down a side of beef in a butchering demo.  Finish the evening off with a seasonal meal prepared by Sacramento's Farm 2 Fork Festival chef Casey Schideler of Taylors Kitchen!

PLUS... we have 10 canvas tents available for rent if you would like to stay the night.  T come with a double bed, all the bedding & a light breakfast in the morning!hey

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After reflecting on last year we realized that this was much more than just a Farm dinner.  It was a way for our customers at Richards Grassfed Beef and Taylors Market to connect to their food, meet the people who grow it and see how our animals live.  Granted, we cleaned the ranch up a little for the event!

The Richards Ranch, where the farm dinner is hosted, is a 5th generation cattle ranch with a deep history in ranching as well as with Taylors Market.  Tom Richards Sr. who has since passed, used to shop at Taylors Market every day and also use Taylors Market to butcher his game that he hunted at the Richards Ranch.  Our family has shopped, worked with and been great friends with the Taylors Market crew and are so excited to share another wonderful event together.

If you are interested or have any questions about this year's Ranch Dinner please contact us or click on the link above!  We would love to see you there!

This year, we will be offering the local faire:

Beef: Richards Grassfed Beef
Wine: Frenchtown Farms
Flowers: Sweet Roots Floral
*Adding more as we speak!

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*Early Bird discount through 3/26/18!


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