December 14, 2018

The best part of winter is all the yummy cooking I get to do since things slow down here at the ranch. We are mending fence, setting things up for next year and cleaning up our roads in great anticipation of all the rain we are going to get this year…right mother nature!?

 This Top Sirloin With Herb Marinade recipe I found is from the amazing blog Paleo Leap is so simple and delicious. I try and eat Paleo 80% of the time, but during the holidays it can be difficult with all the yummy cookies and cakes taunting me at every turn!

 I took some images through my cooking process... and the link for this recipe is above. If you like it, please give Paleo Leap a shout out, they have hundreds of recipes and are a wonderful resource for Paleo-ers, Keto-ers and general heath and nutrition tips.

Top Sirloin

Top Sirloin with Herb Marinade

 Why are herbs so pretty?  We grow so many in our garden, I just cant even use them fast enough...

Cast Iron Pan Grilling Top Sirloin

Grilling indoors can be a little smoky, so make sure you have then fan on high (learned that one the hard way).  Also, this recipe called for (2) 15 oz steaks and I was using (2) 8 oz steaks, because that is how we sell them.  I decreased the grilling time to 4 min a side then I took it off the heat and covered with foil for 10 min, and it all worked perfectly!

Top Sirloin

If you want to buy some of our wonderful Top Sirloin and try this really delish recipe for yourself, & enjoy our “cut of the month” discount on Top Sirloin.

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