September 28, 2018

Taylors Market

The first time I went into Taylor’s market was when I was about 8 years old. Everyone there knew who I was because I was with my grandfather, Tom Richards Sr. Tom had been going to Taylor’s every day for groceries, meat and to have his deer butchered since way before I was born, and he was well known in the store. It was like walking through a store with a celebrity.

 Richards Grassfed Beef


Fast forward to high school and two of my dearest friends started working at Taylor’s. One of them never left, Paul Carras a butcher and now somewhat of a celebrity himself after he competed with his boss and fellow butcher Danny Johnson at the 2018 Worlds Butcher Challenge in Belfast Ireland.

I remember a somewhat hilarious conversation I had with Paul in Taylors Market right when we started Richards Grassfed Beef. He pointed out an embarrassingly obvious fact that he works at a butcher shop and they buy local meat, “why don’t you sell to us?” he said confused “this is what we do!”. I must have had an “ah-ha” look on my face because it was like my life had come full circle. At the time we were selling sides of beef to friends and family and hadn’t marketed to butcher shops or many restaurants, and I knew it was now time. After this casual conversation, we started selling beef to Taylors and shortly after began hosting a now annual Ranch Dinner at our home ranch in Oregon House, Ca. 

 Worlds Butcher Tour

Taylors Market Crew 


Danny Johnson, owner of Taylor’s market and his amazing chef Casey Schidiler who I have really gotten to know over the past few years have been wonderful customers to work with and has been very supportive of our operation. This past two years has been so exciting with collaborations like the ranch dinner, beef demos at the Farm to Fork festival and the 2017-2018 Tower Bridge Dinners.  and we are so excited for next years Ranch Dinner, and have finally announced the date: May 18, 2019!

 Taylors Market Crew

All of our customer relationships are very important to us and we would not be where we were today without them. Stay tuned for next months customer feature and check out Taylor’s Market or their restaurant Taylor's Kitchen if you are ever in Sacramento!  2900 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818

Or click here to join us at our Ranch Dinner, May 18, 2019!

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