November 27, 2020

 Soup a L’Onion

 Our aunt Toni was the most fantastic chef!  As kids we spent hours in the kitchen at the ranch perfecting her recipes for everything from Lemon Bars, to Spiced Nuts, to Roast Beef...and her AMAZING French Onion Soup!  As a way to honor her, we are releasing some of her recipes for everyone to enjoy.  We wanted to share this delicious recipe with you all as another great way to enjoy your Regenerative Bone Broth!

The BEST French Onion Soup Recipe

 Soup a L’Onion

Antionette Wright (aka Aunt Toni)

- Cover bottom of soup pot with olive oil

- Slice 4 onions thin or use grater setting on Cuisinart - add to pot and cook until limp

- Add 2 tbsp of flour – cook 1-2 minutes

- Add 8 cups of RGFB Bone broth, 1.8 tsp of ground pepper, and 1 tsp salt – let come to a boil and simmer 10 minutes, no less.

- Add 1-2 cups Dry wine or sherry – let simmer 5 minutes more

- Add more salt to taste

- Grate 16 oz of gruyere or swiss cheese

 Turn on broiler.  Fill  oven safe bowls with soup and a large slice of sourdough bread, or broken pieces.  Cover with cheese, broil on a cookie sheet in the oven until cheese is brown and bubbly!  Enjoy!

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