December 20, 2020

Zach's Mom's Hanukkah Brisket

Regenerative Hanukkah Brisket

Recipe by Marilyn Bell

Zach Bell is our warehouse manager at RGFB and he wanted to share his favorite brisket recipe from growing up. This is a traditional dish they make for many holidays, and his mom Marilyn was so kind to share it with us! Enjoy...

First of all, this is not just for Hanukkah.  This recipe can be made year round, whether it’s for a family occasion or needing a warm meal to make you feel cozy and home. The best part about this recipe... the tastiest leftovers! Any time my wife or I make it it brings me back to my childhood.

The brisket tenderizes more and more as it sits and the veggies soak up all the flavors that come off of the brisket and the herbs used. You could eat it with egg noodles, or just the brisket and veggies and you could use the leftovers for sandwiches. We make this a couple of times a year especially during the holidays like Passover and Hanukkah. 

You don’t need an excuse to make it, just the people you want to share with it.

Regenerative Grassfed Brisket

- Start off w/ RGFB Regenerative Brisket in the range of #3-6 pounds

- Dry off Brisket

- Trim Fat to your liking, leave a little fat coverage but not too much (see photo above) 

- Keep small piece of fat cap to leave in broth for flavoring

- Season with Kosher salt and Cracked Black pepper

- Let Brisket get to room temperature

- Chop 4-6 Medium Yellow or white onion, use your preference (Quartered)

- Chop 3-6 Carrots, 2-3 lbs Small potatoes and 3-6 Parsnips into 1 inch slices

Regenerative Grassfed Brisket


RGFB Regenerative Brisket 3-6 lbs

3-6   Medium Yellow or White Onion 

3-6 Carrots

2-3 lbs Small Potatoes

3-6 Parsnips

5  Garlic Cloves

3  Tablespoons Tomato Paste

2-3  Tablespoons Ketchup

1-1.5  Cups RGFB Regenerative Beef Bone Broth

1-1.5  Cups Water

2-3  Bay Leaves

2-3 Springs Fresh Thyme


- Prep Large pot or Dutch oven by coating with Veggie oil 

- Heat medium high

- Brown Brisket on Both sides (Don't over cook) Usually 3-4 minutes per side 

- Once brown- remove brisket from pot, then remove excess cooking oil

- Place brisket back in pot

- Add onions, 2-3 Tablespoons tomato paste, 2-3 Bay Leaves, 1-1.5 cups Beef Broth, 1-1.5 cups water, 3 tablespoons ketchup, sprigs of fresh Thyme, 5 Garlic cloves, beef fat from cap

- Stir, then put on low heat for two hours

- Turn Meat over and cook for 1 hour

- Take Brisket out, let rest 10 minutes

- Slice Brisket thin against grain, salt Brisket slices

- Add Small potatoes, carrots, parsnips

- Cook 45 minutes medium low heat

- Add Sliced Brisket back in

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